As a young person who did not attend school for most of my teenage years, I was confronted with many challenges.In 2007, I was enrolled as a level1 learner at the B.E.S.T Centre.

Having missed out on formal education because of my personal challenges, I found myself not being able to read and write .The B.E.S.T Centre created an environment that allowed me to experience a sense of belonging. At B.E.S.T Centre I was among other youthwho had the same challenges as me. B.E.S.T Centre taught me to read through a programme called TOE by TOE. This programmefocussed on individual needs and equipped me with reading skills. I feel very privileged and grateful that I was allowed to study at B.E.S.T Centre.

When I completed my LEVEL 4 in 2010 I left with skills that equipped me for life. I have passed all my learning areas and could enrol at FALSE Bay College where I am currently studying Tourism.

I am also working part time at Abseiling for Africa where I assist tourists with abseiling down Table Mountain.

B.E.S.T Centre’s educators are committed and hardworking and they always encouraged me to work harder. They are responsible for most of the positive decisions I made and I am grateful and lucky to have had them in my life path.


I was a B.E.S.T Centre learner in 2013. My mother found the school and she decided that I should attend it. I attended Islamic school for most of my life and I lived a very sheltered life. From my first day at the school I thought that I won’t last long but I decided to give the school a chance and I realised that the other learners’ situation were the same as mine. I was not alone.

The small classes helped me to stay focused and the educators were always available to assist all the learners. The educators motivated us to do our best at all times and no matter what life throws at you, you take it and deal with it.

The school has equipped me with life skills that enabled me to cope with my academic studies and challenges beyond the classroom. I am still using the lessons I have learned at the school.

I am in my second year; studying Mechanics at False Bay College and my big dream is to work for AMG in Germany.


I joined the B.E.S.T Centre in 2009 while living at a children’s home in Khayelitsha. I started in a level 2 class and I had difficulty reading and writing. B.E.S.T Centre helped me to read and write and to set goals for myself. I completed my level 4 in 2011 and although I was not successful academically I was equipped to handle any challenge that came my way.

I am currently living in Thailand living my dream as a Muy Thai fighter. I have won many titles and I would like to come back to South Africa to help kids to achieve what I have achieved. My proudest moments are when I represent South Africa in competitions. My achievements were made possible by the people that played a role in my life; these include the teachers at the B.E.S.T Centre.


I attended B.E.S.T Centre in 2013 where I completed ABET Level 4. I live in Mitchell’s Plain and I dropped out of school at the age of 15. My father insisted that I will be nothing without an education. My father was referred to this school by the education department and I can honestly say it was the best decision ever.

The school provided a safe and friendly environment and I wanted to be in school every day. The teachers became my other parents and if it was not for their care, commitment and guidance I would have ended up a gangster.

I started my own business and we are in existence for 2 years now. I supply copy paper to small businesses, but I also have a full-time job. I am capable of doing my own books because of the business skills that I was taught at B.E.S.T Centre. I would like to thank the principal and staff for not giving up on me. I wish there were more schools like yours because there are so many kids in Mitchell’s Plain that need this kind of environment to learn in.