Established in 1999, under the auspices of Cape Youth Care, the school’s methodology is an adaption of the Department of Higher Education A.B.E.T curriculum which has been customised to suit the learners’ needs. On completion of Level 4, successful learners receive a recognised accredited GETC certificate (Equivalent to Grade 9). From here they often go on to complete their studies at TVET colleges. Here they can pursue Vocational Training or continue at a mainstream school (if age appropriate) to complete Grade 10, 11, 12.

Richard Heradien and Chris Smith, Social Worker and Director respectively of the Cape Youth Care, realised the need to establish a school that could meet the needs of the boys they care for (CYC cared solely for boys at this stage). During this time it became increasingly difficult to enrol their learners into mainstream schools and so with the help of the CYC management committee and Mr C.D. van Niekerk B.E.S.T Centre opened.

When the school first opened the building was made of two welded shipping containers and the only permanent staff member was Mr C.D. van Niekerk, who was occasionally supported by Chris Smith, Manfred Meyer, Priscilla Smith and other international volunteers.

The school has since grown from four students, one of which dropped out midyear, to now educating over 150 learners per year at our new building, Wesley Training College in Salt River.

In 2016, the school saw the need to rebrand from B.E.S.T Centre to B.E.S.T College as the name is more representative of what the school offers – education, not rehabilitation.

The Cape Youth Care Foundation
Mr Arno Arasmus  - Chairman
Mr Michael Maxwell-Hafen – Committee Member
Mr Brett Williams – Committee Member
Mr David Wightman – Committee Member

They support B.E.S.T. College and have provided a number of bursaries to individuals over the years.


Our vision is to embrace and manage change, to uphold high standards, to educate within a safe, caring environment the learners who are age-inappropriate, who have fallen behind and cannot attend mainstream schools, to realise their full potential


Our mission is to attain the vision within a dynamic school with an appropriate innovative curriculum.

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